Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things I liked today

Dust in a sunbeam. The way the specks keep moving, appearing and disappearing. It was beautiful. And then someone walked through the sunbeam, and the dust swirled and curled and made beautiful patterns. And kept on doing so for an amazingly long time after the person left. And it was a wonderful thought that the air does this the whole time when we move, and we are totally unaware of it!

A praying mantis kept me company while I was washing the dishes. She wasn't scared of me, and I wasn't scared of her, we were simply there together. Maybe to her I was just a huge moving blob, but I loved the way her head moved to watch when I moved. I love that beautiful triangular head with the amazing eyes. She was good company.

My geese talked to me, and peered at me with their necks stretched and their eyes wary. I love talking to them.

I gathered dry sticks for all the wonderful winter fires I am looking forward to. I liked the way the very dry sticks snapped in my hands, releasing a puff of wood dust. I like the thought that what looks like dead matter will release the energy within to warm us on a cold night.

I ran my fingers through my son's soft hair and scratched his warm back as he was eating his porridge, and loved the way he smelled. I loved the hug he gave me when he got up and marvelled at the way his mouth curves when he smiles.

I heard the wind in the trees, signalling colder weather and possibly rain.

I laughed with my husband.

I found a beautiful piece of old blue porcelain in the garden.

I watched my daughter run and play and heard her sing, and felt content.

It was a good day.

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